Semuliki National Park

By any chance of your safari itinerary connecting you to Fortportal town, don’t ever miss just an extension to Bundibugyo District for a visit to Semuliki National Park. This park is located far west of Uganda and is the one and only tropical rainforest located in the lowlands. This protects an area comprised of extensive vegetation ranging from forest swamp, grassland, bush land, warm swamp savannah woodland and a system of hot springs. A vast number of small 9 mammal species like green chameleon, target rat, pigmy squirrel among others.
Species of butterflies and a wide rang of bird species were recorded more than in any other park in Uganda and some of which are endemic and cant be found any where in the East African region. Its home to volcanic activities with the likes of hot springs and geysers, most notably the magnificent Sempaya hot springs. Have a chance of making your own meals here. The hot springs will provide you with boiling points of over 106 degrees that can help you make meals in the shortest time possible then proceed with your safari.


Scenery viewing is one of the great and thrilling experiences through the Rwenzori escarpments enroute to Bundibugyo.
The scenic views of the vast extension of the Inure forest, the fuming Sempaya hot springs and the meanders of river Semuliki are photographers’ home.
Forest guided walks to see general trees and plant species of which some are considered to have been endangered.
Bird watching such as the hornbills and lyre tailed honey guide may be seen.
Sport fishing can be arranged along the Semuliki River and a nearby visit to Semuliki Wildlife Reserve may be an option.

Accommodation Facilities:

The Park has numerous facilities for accommodation that after a hectic and tiring day’s activities provides you with warm and comfortable rest. The wildlife Reserved camping site at the park Headquarters is just an added option.