Full name: Republic of Rwanda
Capital: Kigali
Area: 26,338 sq km (10,169 sq miles)
Major languages: Kinyarwanda(official), French(official), English (official) and Swahili
Major religions
: Christianity
Climate: Rwanda has a moderate temperature all over the year and the dry seasons are between January, March and June to September.
Life expectancy: 42years(men), 45years(women) (UN)
Main exports: Coffee, tea, hides, tin, ore
GNI per capita: us $230(world Bank, 2006)

Travel Tips:

  • Upon arrival, visa can be obtained at US$60.
  • Always have your passport with a validity period of at least (6) six Month before requesting for a visa to Rwanda.
  • Confirm your travel insurance in time for your travel with travel agencies
  • Confirm you safari to us on time.
  • A certificate of yellow fever vaccination is a requirement and should be under taken before travelling to Rwanda.
  • Check with your doctor about your health condition before travel. Incase of any dietary requirement, please inform us at the time of booking to avoid inconvenience.
  • Driving in Rwanda is on the right hand side thus you should keep right all the time. If you with to drive your self across our roots.
  • Its is advisable that you drink bottled while in Uganda as it’s considered safe.
  • It may be impossible to exchange traveler’s cheque away from the capital but credit cards are only accepted at major hotels in Kigali.